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Orcgasmic Blood Death Knight

Post by Orcgasmic » 17 May 2014 02:01


Real life info
Name: Connor Hamilton
Age (18+ preferred): 19
Gender: Male
Location: Manchester, England
E-Mail Address*:
Some info about who you are and what you do for a living: I’m currently a student at Westminster University studying Film. However I have just finished for summer until September.

*Only include your e-mail address if you are sending in a private application.

Character info
Character Name: Orcgasmic
Current realm: Doomhammer
Class: Death Knight
Race: Orc
Total time played: 92 days
Armory profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... c/advanced
Legendary quest progress: Completed.
Experience and gear for offspecs :Almost have a complete set for frost, however I have never needed to perfect this due to me being the tank who would solo fights like Immerseus, Fallen Protectors, Thok, Garrosh etc. (Immerseus on hc)

Profession 1: JC
Profession 2: Mining
First Aid: -
Cooking: -
Fishing: -

How did you make your primary profession choices?
I chose mining for the gold outlet, and 480 stamina, and Jewelcrafting for the Serpent’s Eye gems (and another gold outlet)

What talent builds are you using:
Swap between Rolling Blood and Plague Leech Purgatory
Swap between Death’s Advance and Asphyxiate Death Pact
Runic Corruption
Swap between Gorefiends Grasp and Remorseless Winter

Which glyphs are you using:
Glyph of Icebound Fortitude (dependent on fight)
Glyph of Regenerative Magic
Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell
Glyph of Vampiric Blood

Please explain your talent and glyph choices.
So with Rolling Blood I find it much more beneficial as it effectively gives you an extra blood boil from not having to cast pestilence – e.g on Immerseus hc I find it more beneficial to have that extra blood boil for the adds (as opposed to having the benefit of Plague Leech on the boss)
For me some fights require Death’s Advance to get around a lot quicker, equally some fights require stuns such as Nazgrim and Galakras (where I have 3 methods of stopping bonecrushers -> Death grip, Gorefiends grasp(as a last resort), and asphyxiate).

Knowledge and theory
How do you keep yourself up to date with class changes: I’m constantly reading icy veins and noxxic, whilst also checking the forums occasionally.
Do you read up on theorycraft about your class: I do, however as a tank I feel competent enough to figure out my own playstyle as it’s less dependent on numbers – whereas on my warlock I’m constantly checking sim craft etc.
What websites do you visit to this end: The one’s highlighted above

Past history
When did you first start playing World of Warcraft: I started playing properly in Wotlk where I heroic progressed through ICC (although not to the extent I would have liked)
Previous guild(s):
Before Break (Wotlk and Cata):
We Play A Lot (before it became Equalize)

After Break (MoP):

Reason(s) for leaving previous guild(s): As our main healer quit raid progression became stagnant and players became restless – resulting in them quitting. As an officer and Raid Leader I left it to the point where Heroic Progression would be next to impossible, and so I find myself here.
Who can we ask if we want to know more about you:
I’m close friends with Sutera, who is a friend of Celicia I believe.
I’m also friends with Saiako who knows Redemption.

Raid experience and history
Have you played other characters as your main in raids before, and if so, what class ?(inc name and Server): In ICC I raided with AIAO on my DK and also with my Balance Druid (Chaosbeast who I have neglected in MoP).
Other characters (inc name and Server):
All of my alts are on Doomhammer, as it is really the only server I’ve played on.
Necropheliac – Warlock
Youmadbrew – Monk
Brokenfaith – Paladin
Grataur – Warrior
Chaosbeast - Druid
What is your raid experience (Include any beta experience. C'thun kills at level 80 do not count.):
ICC 6/12 hc
BWD 2/6 hc
BoT 2/5 hc
ToTFW 2/2 normal
FL 5/6 hc
DS 6/8 normal (before quitting until MoP)

Coming back to MoP I have:
3/14 hc SoO

Usual Playtimes: Most days I probably rack up 5 hours which I’m ashamed to write.
Any usual events that impede on your playtime: Possible Uni work (but this won’t start again until September and I doubt it will impede at all)
Any upcoming events that impede on your playtime: Shooting a short film next week (Tuesday,weds,thurs although I’m the editor so not heavily involved in production)

Show us your best
Why Inevitable: As I have said, I have been on Doomhammer my entire WoW career. Yet I’ve always seen Inevitable as too good for myself, until now. I’ve been in successful guilds mentioned above over the years. I believe your progression on Garrosh Hc may have slowed due to a missing tank so figured I may as well give it a shot for the reasons below.

Why should we pick you: My situation is a difficult one and I may come across as elitist when I describe how I feel – however I’d like to think I wasn’t an elitist player.

So after I took a break whilst I was in Immortality at the end of Cata, I came back to WoW last November where I dinged 85-90 In the same sitting I first logged on. I then figured I may as well join a guild to help me get back into the swing of clearing end game content. A guild by the name of Continuum took me on as they were just about to begin clearing normal content. Before long I was an officer and raid leader of our progression team and managed to take us from wiping on flex to 2/14 heroic in SoO. However the GM’s attitude changed to the point where I had no choice to leave as I wanted somewhere that had a more mature focused ethos, as opposed to being racist in trade chat. However, once I left the entire raid team (without the GM or his girlfriend) decided to leave with me – so we set up our own guild: Uprising.

Here is where we ran into problems with healers to the point where we hit a wall. I would say that we had half a team that had the potential to challenge realm firsts in the next expansion, and half that couldn’t. And sadly, you can’t carry anyone in Hc Progression. Therefore people became restless (including myself – as I could no longer gain anything from farming the same 2-3 bosses on hc and raid leading was becoming a nightmare due to people’s atitudes and incompetence). However, I feel that I’ve really grown as a player and well capable of being part of a 14/14 Hc raid team. I suppose that I’ve outgrown most people I was used to playing with, and if you check my logs you can see that. I think if you guys decide to decline me I’ll have to server change if I want to keep playing as there’s nothing left on Doomhammer for me. Overall, I’m looking for a team of players who are competent and know how to play to the best of their ability, without feeling like I’m carrying anyone (as I’ve been feeling recently).

What are your in-game goals, except character-development:
I want to ultimately have fun – by clearing all heroic content Blizzard can throw at me.

Is there anyone in Inevitable who can give more details about you?
Inevitable have always seemed to be very close-knit so I have never really encountered many of you. Obviously with Doomhammer being deserted I see members around.

Post an image of your UI:
http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s39 ... 082052.jpg

Please post your key binds (Only if you use hidden ones):
Q – Death’s Advance
E – Mind Freeze
I use 1-5, F1-5, Ctrl1-5, and Shift1-5.
Please link a recent raid log**:
http://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/ch ... 27/latest/
My logs are actually something I’m quite proud of to say I’m stuck in a stagnant realm as opposed to being on Kazzak where you can pug hc.
I’m usually top 5% of Blood DK’s globally in terms of Damage Done and Tank HPS where my most noticeable log is 4th Blood DK on Malkorok – which I feel is impressive due to some player’s gear being much higher. Equally I never take above 500k damage total across the whole Sha of Pride fight (blood shield OP).
Similair to this you may argue that Tank DPS or HPS isn’t important, but with a blood DK I guess it indicates how well you track Scent of Blood etc. to reach a higher DPS/HPS output, and equally your blood shield is your active mitigation - which is measured by HPS and absorbs.

** DPS applications without an enclosed log will not be considered! Enclosing a log for tanks and healers is strongly suggested, as we also look for several factors besides just DPS/healing numbers.
You can make a raw log by typing /combatlog before your raid, this will create a text file in your WoW folder. If you don't know how to upload a log, PM UGenix and you'll be helped out further.

We understand that not everyone is actively raiding, therefore LFR logs are also accepted.

Computer and internet information
Computer specifications:
i7 overclocked at 4.5GHz
32 Gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 650 (looking to upgrade)
2Tb HDD (looking to upgrade)

My Uni’s Speedtest:

How often do you have disconnects:
Do you have issues with D/C due to internet or computer problems?:
Do you have Ventrilo:
I have Mumble, TS3 and Vent all installed.
Do you have a microphone and are you able/willing to use it during raids:
As a previous Raid Leader I even have a backup.
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Re: Orcgasmic Blood Death Knight

Post by Orcgasmic » 17 May 2014 09:58

I'm not sure if you're accustomed to using Warcraft logs or not but I feel it's the only substance I have to proving my ability (as my progression doesn't speak for this I don't think)

For HPS as Blood DK I'm listed 8th Blood DK in SoO normal across EU and US (3rd EU):
http://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/5# ... fficulty=3

For Malkorok I have the highest HPS from a Blood DK EU which you can find on the same link.

I understand that there are flaws talking about Warcraft Logs such as:
a) not everybody uses it
b) DPS/HPS isn't a viable way of tanking ability

However, as I've been in a stagnant guild for a while I feel this is the only way I can at least show you physical evidence of my ability.

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Re: Orcgasmic Blood Death Knight

Post by UGenix » 22 May 2014 18:35

Hey there,

We've gone through your application, but unfortunately can't offer you a raid spot at this moment. We extend our raids weekly and have our tank setup solidified for Garrosh, so we would not be able to offer you a raid spot.

Good luck elsewhere!

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